The Stillness Game

The Stillness Game

A fun challenge to create a habit of meditation in 30 days


Tame The Wandering Mind

Join the 30-day challenge to create a habit of meditation and tame your wandering mind. Learn to go deeper into your meditation so you can transform your old habitual patterns that keep you living mindlessly in a reactive state. Drop the stories and find stillness in a world filled with noise and constant change. And most importantly, have fun!

The Meditation Roadmap

Not sure where to start or how to begin with meditation? Don't sweat it, I got your back! If you can breathe, you can meditate. 

Sign up to join the Stillness Game and get daily emails from me with reminders, mindfulness prompts and practical tips on getting started with meditation. It's a 30-day roadmap to making a meditation habit stick. 

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The Game

How To Play

Find a friend to play the game with—someone who also wants to create a habit of meditation over the next 30 days. The first day, each of you must do one minute of meditation. Two minutes on the second day, three on the third, and so on for 30 days. You can do any form of meditation you want or even just sit and breathe deeply in stillness. You don’t have to do the full meditation in one sitting, it can be broken up into smaller moments of stillness throughout the day as long as it adds up to the total amount by midnight each day. It starts off easy but will get challenging quickly further into the game.

Win The Game

You can choose to play it as a co-op and support each other as accountability partners. Or it can be a battle as you compete to see who keeps it going the longest. Stakes and prizes can be set for motivation and fun—winner gets dinner or tickets to the next cool show in town. If you both make it all month, you both win and can treat each other or you can run for the longest streak in the community.

Share Your Story

We would love to hear about your game—your wins and your failures, any creative hacks you use to support yourself and your partner, or any fun and inspiring stories you want to share.  Join the talk online and use #StillnessGame

Let's get sit done!

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Who Am I?

Colin Pal

Colin Pal

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Hey, I'm Colin! I'm a storyteller, speaker, meditation teacher, and ex-monk turned conscious gangster. At the age of 13, I followed an inner calling that drew me towards an unexpected search for meaning and a journey that embodies the aspiration of making a change in the world. I left my home, my family and friends, and what others have considered the normal life to spend 7 years in a monastery training and studying meditation and mindfulness as a Buddhist monk. My growing aspirations led me to a mission beyond the walls of the monastery where I have spent the last 8 years bringing the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation to the boardrooms of our modern world. 

Blending together the practical application of meditation, neuroscience, quantum physics, and human behavior studies; I lead engaging programs and retreats that help people break through the patterns of mindlessly living in this distracted world, to wake up to a more conscious and connected life.

Word On The Block

What Others Are Saying

This has over 30 days changed me to a much calmer person, anyone should do it as they will gain an understanding of themselves and others and be better for it. 

- Jill Brown

I joined the Stillness Game initially because I really appreciate Colin as a person and facilitator. I hadn't had a consistent "still" meditation practice in quite some time and had even come to identify with the idea that it was "not my thing" (or something to that effect.) The last 30 days in the Stillness Game reconnected me to a practice that brings value to each day and how I operate during it, as well as to parts of myself that had lain dormant for some time. I would recommend the Stillness Game to anyone, but especially to someone who does not currently have a meditation practice. The care from Colin, the community feel & external accountability, and the insightful daily prompts all worked really well to support the cultivation of a daily practice, in a way I hadn't experienced before. I'm excited to keep it going and hope to participate in more Stillness Games to come!

- Taylor Pearon

I can't explain but I feel that something began to change in my life. I finally realized that this 30-minutes part of my day that I spend meditating is one of the most important things I could do for myself during the whole day. And I included Lovingkindness in my morning yoga complex: I repeat 4 phrases (May you...) while I'm practicing. Probably it's not the best way but it really works for me and I have a great feeling of love and connection during such practice. Thanks a lot for the Game, gor the guides for sharing the experience! I will keep going.

- Vera Kokteva

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