Saying Yes To Stillness Meditation Challenge

Saying Yes To Stillness

A 10 day meditation challenge for the busy ones


It's about carving time to slow down...

Imagine if you could go through a chaotic day - dealing with everything that's fighting for your attention, the annoying assholes, and the constant digital overload - and still come home with your sanity. Heck, even be.. happy!

We live in a world that has absolutely no intention of slowing down. Which means that we need to be carving out time to slow down, little by little.

It's an odd age where we need a reason to just sit and be still. We live in the past and the future so much that we create this resistance to living in the present moment.

You wake up every morning to chase after this fame of being "busy", disguised as the pursuit of dreams. Then you come home at night and ask yourself why you put yourself through all this misery and busyness. You tell yourself that if only you could add some peace and calm into your day, you could learn to love yourself a bit more and maybe even be happy. So you try this thing your friends recommend. They call it "meditation". You sit and try to be still, then it gets too uncomfortable. So you fall back to what you're more used to - being busy.

Sound all too familiar?

If so, then you're in the right place and this challenge was made just for you.

I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I started this pursuit of dreams after ending my 7 years of training as a monk. Thankfully, I pulled everything I've learned from my meditation training and I found ways to integrate them into this busy lifestyle. Now I'm going to show you how you can too!

The 10 Day Stillness Challenge

Create a habit of meditation and stillness, one day at a time!

I've put together a 10 day challenge to teach you how to meditate and invite stillness into your busy day. The challenge consists of step-by-step guided meditations and daily exercises.

You'll learn:

  • The foundation of meditation and how to get comfortable with stillness
  • How to deal with the monkey mind and the waves of feelings and emotions
  • How to integrate meditation and stillness into your chaotic and busy lifestyle

So if you're ready to take back ownership of our life, start the 10 day challenge now!

Who Am I?

Colin Pal

Colin Pal

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Hey, I'm Colin! I'm a storyteller, speaker, meditation teacher, and ex-monk turned conscious gangster. At the age of 13, I followed an inner calling that drew me towards an unexpected search for meaning and a journey that embodies the aspiration of making a change in the world. I left my home, my family and friends, and what others have considered the normal life to spend 7 years in a monastery training and studying meditation and mindfulness as a Buddhist monk. My growing aspirations led me to a mission beyond the walls of the monastery where I have spent the last 8 years bringing the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation to the boardrooms of our modern world. 

Blending together the practical application of meditation, neuroscience, quantum physics, and human behavior studies; I lead engaging programs and retreats that help people break through the patterns of mindlessly living in this distracted world, to wake up to a more conscious and connected life.

Challenge Outline

Welcome to Saying Yes To Stillness

Day 1 - Saying Yes To Stillness

Day 2 - Tuning In To Your Body

Day 3 - Relaxation Through Your Breath

Day 4 - Welcoming What Is

Day 5 - Giving Space To Emotions And Feelings

Day 6 - Simple Playfulness

Day 7 - Stop Trying!

Day 8 - The Bonus That Comes With Stillness

Day 9 - A Newer You

Day 10 - Butt Off The Cushion (or Chair)

A Few Final Words For You

What Others Are Saying

Love the simplicity of his meditations. What makes it so life changing is how relatable his approach and message is.
Craig R.
The meditation with Colin Pal enriched my life with stillness, choice and emotional healing. The meditations strengthened my meditation practice.
Elizabeth D.
I found this course thoroughly calming and a great way to reconnect with my inner self.
Sheree J.

Let's get started!

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